10 Celebrities Who Would Make a Better President Than Donald Trump

It’s no secret the American obsession with celebrity culture is out of control. I would be willing to bet the average college student could list more Kardashians than US presidents, and give a play-by-play of the “Pretty Little Liars” finale, not even realizing there’s a GOP debate airing at the same time.

Many people hate Donald Trump because of his celebrity status, but who says a celebrity can’t change our country for the better?

Keeping in mind the basic requirements for a presidential campaign, here are 10 American-born celebrities over the age of 35:

1. Rob Lowe

He has White House experience.He played the Deputy White House Communications Director on the “West Wing,” proving  he knows what POTUS means. He also stays involved with America’s happenings. Bonus: He worked on the 1988 presidential campaign for Michael Dukakis.

2. Caitlyn Jenner

She’s revolutionary. We may be on the verge of a Civil Rights Movement in America, so why not jump ahead 20 years and have the world’s first trans president? She’s bold AND she’s conservative. It’s like two worlds colliding.

3. Oprah

She hosted a number of specials on her show, which showcased the real struggles of America. She went inside the lives of those struggling with obesity, exposed the cruelties of puppy mills, attempted to combat domestic violence, and she always sought the truth. Oprah is the icon of acceptance, both of yourself as well as others. She’s a strong, independent woman, who has proven to America that she can incite change.

4. Ben Affleck (with Vice President Matt Damon)

Affleck knows how to deflect a scandal and still come out on top. (See Nannygate 2015.)
With the help of his “Goodwill Hunting” partner, he can change the world. In addition, they both have their hands in a number of philanthropic groups. Damon founded H2O Africa while Affleck founded the Eastern Congo Initiative. They’re the ultimate dynamic duo.

5. George Clooney

In 2012, he was arrested during a peaceful Sudanese demonstration. He’s picture perfect and has avoided any negative attention. He’s the captain of the football team, who can lead his school to victory.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

He is Al Gore in celebrity form. DiCaprio founded his namesake group, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, to combat global warming, which actively fosters an awareness of the environment. Not only is he an environmental activist, he’s not afraid to show his true colors. (See Coachella.)

7. Chelsea Handler

She’s not afraid to start a movement. She’s a Free the Nipple advocate and has fought the powers of Instagram when they kept removing her nude photos. She’s also had an abortion, proving she’s a supporter of women’s rights. She’s the ideal woman to create an ideal country.

8. Morgan Freeman

Have you heard his voice?! It screams authority. In an interview with CNN, he tackled issues of class and race, saying we need to abolish Black History Month. We shouldn’t limit it to one month because “black history is American history.” Freeman could be the key to solving our civil rights crisis.

9. Cameron Diaz

She’s all about health. She recently published “The Body Book,” a scientific exploration of weight loss and taking care of your body. Her book is backed by science and designed for everyday life. She could be the key to effective and affordable health care.

10. Kanye West

He knows what he wants…even if he can’t finish a sentence.


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