9 Things You Should Never Apologize For

Your Choice of Food.

If you want to be gluten free, be gluten free. Don’t blame it on your intolerance, your doctor, or mom. Just be gluten free. It’s your life. And if you want to, get the lobster or the steak—even if your date only ordered a salad. On that note, if you want a salad, get a salad. Be happy with what you want.

Your Job.

So maybe your life didn’t turn out as you had envisioned. You were voted ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ in your high school yearbook, but it turns out that being a soul-sucking lawyer is boring, so you moved back to your hometown and resumed your high school job. You don’t put your job on Facebook, because you know your friends are judging you for backsliding. But you’re having a great time. You love the job and you smile everyday, so keep doing it! Bartend forever or work at the local meat market. You’ll be a much happier person if you enjoy your day job.

Your Lifestyle.

Maybe you part every night and come home hammered at 4am on a Tuesday. Maybe you dabble in recreational drugs, or maybe the only thing in your diet are hamburgers. Whatever it is, keep doing it. As long as you’re maintaining a job and your external responsibilities, you’re probably doing okay. You know your limits.

Your Drink of Choice.

If you’re a woman, you’re expected to bring a bottle of wine to a housewarming or dinner party, but you really want to bring bourbon instead. Bring it! If you’re a guy at a club whose friends are all drinking Manhattan’s and you want a Cosmo, get a Cosmo! Don’t fall into the stereotype. That never helps anyone.

Your Clothing.

Dressing your age isn’t a thing, although dressing appropriately is. At work, follow the guidelines, if you want to keep your job. But at school, or in life, wear what you want. If you think leggings are pants, go for it. If you want to wear a flannel to a club, do it! Don’t let anyone dictate your personal style.

Your Music Preference.

You can be 30 and still like Justin Bieber or the High School Musical Soundtrack. There is no right song or band for you to like. If you don’t like Dave Matthews Band, that doesn’t make you un-American. It makes you honest. Sing along to whatever puts a smile on your face.

Your Dialect.

You don’t have to be a show pony for your friends. If they want you to say ‘car keys’ over and over again in your Boston accent, you may want to find new friends. Don’t let people mock or shame your dialects or languages—it’s your history. Your dialect is part of you and you should be proud.

Your Family.

Every family has a weirdo or and embarrassment somewhere in the bloodline. Maybe you have one, or even two. Maybe you have five. They’re not you, and you’re stuck with them so learn to accept them and others will fall in line.

Your Best Friend.

Because they already accept the things you should never apologize for.


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