Idiotic High School Students Caught Playing Holocaust Pong on Snapchat

The game is simple. One team represents the Jews and the other, the Nazis. The Jews rack their cups in the shape of the Star of David while the Nazis make a Swastika. The Jews are allowed to ‘Anne Frank’ a cup, meaning they can hide a it, and as for the Nazis, they can ‘Auschwitz’ their opponent by making them sit out a round.

Since all memories need to be captured or they’ll be forgotten, a student uploaded a video to Snapchat and sent it out to friends.

One of their friends classmates, Jamaica Ponder, wrote a blog post stating her dismay on the games anti-Semitic views. She claims that the students involved are school leaders: captains, presidents, and even the son of an employee of the school district.

The Princeton High School is investigating the incident–both the underage drinking and the anti-Semitic grounds of the game.


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