The Takedown of Jordan Spieth

Spieth walked away from the 11th hole yesterday, still two strokes ahead of his opponents. He was confident and well on his way to becoming the fourth player in history to win back-to-back green jackets.

Until he stepped up to the 12th hole.

SpiethHe walked up and glanced at the leaderboard. Willett, the Englishmen, was gaining on him. Willett was two holes ahead and one stroke behind.

Spieth was flustered. You could see it in his eyes. The crowd was uneasy and quiet, cheering from within.

He stepped up to the tee, swung, and watched his ball in horror as it bounced into the water.

He reset for a second shot.

Water, again.

He set up for a third, with two penalty strokes under his belt, and swung.


He climbed into the sand, took a shot, and the ball landed a mere three feet from the hole. Luckily, he made the easy shot.

The crowd cheered…sort of. They clapped, but they were in shock.

The Gold God just shot a quadruple bogey.

And what happened to the Englishmen who spooked Spieth? Well, he won. Willett took home the green jacket, making him the first European to win the Master’s in 17 years.

Header Image Credit: ESPN

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