24 Times You Were Chandler Bing

Could he BE any more relatable?

When all of your Facebook friends are getting engaged and having babies, and you’re over here like: 


When you want to work out, but can’t seem to make the time: 

When you’re realistic about your athleticism: 

When you want to act your age: 

When your friend moves in with a girlfriend: 

When you accidentally reveal your secret passions: 

When you take a girl out on a first date and you’re trying to play it cool: 

When your friends are getting cozy with their significant others: 

When you question your marriage choice: 

You have no problem ratting out your friends: 

When someone catches you in a lie: 


When you question your importance at work: 

When you run into your crazy ex: 

When you’re feeling super confident:  

When you graduate college and realize you have nothing: 

When you see someone you went to middle school with: 

When your friend talks about their problems too much: 

When someone cuts you off in traffic: 

When you realize you’re an asshole:

When you wonder why your girlfriend likes you: 

When your friends ask you to run a 5K this weekend:

When you find a new girl on Tinder: 

When your parents question your motivation: 

When you realize it’s Friday: 


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