Manziel Dropped by Nike for Excessive Partying

Johnny Manziel now joins the ranks of Adrian Peterson, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar Pistorius, Ray Rice, and Lance Armstrong as he becomes the sixth person to be dropped by Nike in the last three and a half years.

This is not the first time Manziel’s love for nightlife has caused him problems. Only last week, his longtime agent Drew Rosenhaus threatened to end his contract with the former Cleveland Browns player. Rosenhaus gave Manziel five days to clean up his act before terminating his contract.

That was before Coachella.

Johnny Manziel Coachella

Since Rosenhaus’ threat, Manziel has been seen partying with Scott Disick and Drake during the weekend’s festivities. He also hosted a house party in a rented Hollywood home that caused $32,000 in damages.
Thus ending his contract with Rosenhaus. From there, Nike followed.

Manziel had been working with Nike since March of 2014, when they started selling multiple products in support of the quarterback. Up until the 2015 season, they sold more Manziel jerseys than any other player.

And he threw it all the away for a weekend at Coachella.


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