14 Reasons We Love Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was named People’s 2016 World’s Most Beautiful Woman! And in honor of her award, we’ve created a list of reasons why we love her.

She played a stripper

 Jennifer Aniston Stripping

She puts comfort first

 Jennifer Aniston Gets Women

She understands relationships

Jennifer Aniston Relationships

She made Leprechaun look good

 Jennifer Aniston Leprechaun

She knows to take everything with a grain of salt

 Jennifer Aniston Friends Snark

She understands the importance of history

 Jennifer Aniston History

She understands the pressure women are under

 Jennifer Aniston Marriage Pressure

She doesn’t take any shit

Jennifer Aniston Friends Problem

She’s understands the value of friendship

Jennifer Aniston Friends Group Hug

She doesn’t hide her feelings

Jennifer Aniston Punch in the Face

She’s an animal lover

Jennifer Aniston Smart Water Puppies

She gives great advice

 Jennifer Aniston Advice

She’s ambitious

 Jennifer Aniston Job

Basically, she’s amazing

Jennifer Aniston Sum It Up



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