Netflix Gets Some Serious Competition

We all love Amazon. They’re our one-stop shop for everything we could ever need. New laptop? They have it. Cell phone case? They have it. Toilet golf? They have it. 

Serious Amazon addicts probably have Amazon Prime, a service that gives discounts to frequent shoppers for a yearly membership fee of $99, which gets you free shipping on everything, in addition to music, television, and movie streaming.

But not everyone loves Amazon enough to pay the membership fee.

They are now offering a stand alone membership called Prime Video that offers a movie and TV streaming option for only $8.99 a month. That’s one dollar less than Netflix and one dollar more than Hulu if you’re still slumming it with the commercials. Commercial-free Hulu costs a whopping $11.99 a month.

But, is Amazon Prime a better option?

It depends on your preference. Amazon has less TV options than Netflix, but they do have a few original series of their own that rival House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Amazon Prime is home to the Emmy Award winning show, Transparent and the new The Man in the High Castle. 

In addition, Amazon has exclusive rights to all HBO shows. You can also up your subscription and add Showtime and Starz.

Netflix has some Showtime shows included in their base subscription.

Amazon has better, more relevant movies.

Netflix has Disney.

Amazon has options to stream rented movies for a few extra bucks. Netflix does not.

So, is Prime Video worth it? You decide.


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