7 Things We Learned from Last Night’s Game of Thrones Premiere

Although the premiere was slightly disappointing—with no resurrection of Jon Snow and not a whole lot of action, the episode contained a pretty solid set-up for the upcoming season.

Melisandre has some crazy powers

Melisandre Powers

She proves that beauty is skin deep when she removes her necklace, leaving the body of an old woman behind. The shot of saggy boobs may have been the most shocking part of the episode for most people. It wasn’t just the nudity that shocked, but the fact that we finally caught a glimpse of the extent of Melisandre’s powers.

Arya is having a pity party

Arya Blind Game of Thrones Season 6

Still recovering from her newfound blindness, Arya is roaming the streets begging for money. Worse than that, she’s lost her ability to fight.

Brienne restored our faith in the Stark family


Luckily, Brienne left last season’s window to swoop in and save Sansa and Theon, giving us another Stark sister to root for.

Theon is becoming human again

Theon and Sansa Escape

Theon is assimilating well and even attempts a self-sacrifice in order to save Sansa—which doesn’t work out, but hey, he tried!

Cersai’s life isn’t getting any easier

Cersai and her brother lover

After the life-altering shame scene, Cersai is continuously being brought down. At the end of her walk, she was greeted by her brother/lover instead of her daughter, who turns out to be dead. She’s either headed for a downward spiral or a fit of rage.

Dany saved by her Khaleesi status

Khaleesi Capture

After being captured by a group of men on horses, Dany is up against a new Khal with a number of brothers who threaten to rape her repeatedly. To save herself, she confesses that she is the widow of a Khal and becomes protected by her status.

Jon Snow is still pretty dead

Jon Snow Death

To all the disbelievers, it seems that he is in fact, dead. People are avenging his death and whatnot. That’s not to say that he won’t be resurrected. I think we’re all hoping that Melisandre’s powers are able to bring him back to us.


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