How to Make The Most Out of Your Single Life

Relationships are great, but they can also be restricting. Before you can be happy in a relationship, you have to be happy with yourself and the life you’re in. So embrace the single life and do everything you can to make yourself happy.

Let’s be honest, you’re the only person who matters, anyways.


Olsen Twins Travel Movies

Traveling can be extremely difficult if you have home commitments. If you have a significant other, you have to match up vacation times, compromise on a location, and plan activities together. If you travel alone, everything is up to you. You only have yourself and your happiness to worry about. If you want to lay on a beach in Hawaii, do it. If you want to hike the Andes, do it. If you want to go on a historical tour of London, do it! See everything you can.

Make a 5-year plan (that doesn’t include a significant other)

Phoebe Friends Life Plan

Plan your future. If you want to continue your education, pick a school that fits your needs in whatever city you want. You don’t have a significant other keeping you in one spot. Even if you don’t follow through on your plan, it’s a good way to get to know yourself. Know the places you want to go. Know the things you want to do and see.

Explore your boundaries

Tracey Morgan No Boundaries

Push yourself to the limits! Make slow strides out of your comfort zone, and see what you can do. Try not to go to jail or participate in other illegal, and probably dangerous activities. This isn’t a competition, it’s about finding yourself.

Do things by yourself

Robin HIMYM Alone

Before you can be comfortable with someone else, you have to be comfortable alone. Start by going out to eat by yourself. You can sit at the bar, or at a table. Bring a book, or start a conversation with a stranger. Once you know you can do things by yourself, you’ll be more open and free when you start your next relationship.

Work on your other relationships

Dave Franco 21 Jump Street

Bond with friends and family. Relationships come and go, but family and friends are there through all of them. Your single life is a great time to nurture your platonic relationships. Show your friends you appreciate them.

Work hard

Work Hard Play Hard

There’s no one getting mad if you come home late, go to work early, or pick-up extra shifts. Build your bank account and your resume. Do everything you can to further your career. Whether you’re saving money for a trip to Australia, or you’re working towards a promotion, you have all the time in the world. Know what you want, and go for it.

Say yes

Sex and the City Yes Girls

Get out of the house. Accept invitations to the local art show and meet your friends for cocktails. This will lead you to new things and new loves. 

Say no

Kanye No

Also, know when you’ve hit your limits. Don’t say yes, just to say yes. If you’re tired, stay in. If it’s something toxic to your lifestyle, say no. You have that power.

Meet new people

Steve Buscemi Wave

Talk to everyone. Say hi. Meet people from other cultures and backgrounds. Cultivate new friendships and connections.

Find something you love

When you’re in a relationship, you tend to absorb the other person’s hobbies. You watch their TV shows and do things they like. Find out what you love to do. Try cooking or painting. Start a journal or join a book club. Find something you’re passionate about and take it with you.


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