How to Make Friends as an Adult

You don’t realize how hard it is to find new friends until you’re out of school and in the real world. Growing up, there were always people around looking for the same thing: friendship. But now, you’re an adult living in the real world, looking around at a group of people who already have pre-existing relationships. They could have their own groups of friends, a significant other, and four dogs. Maybe they’ve hit their quota for friends while you’re sitting on your couch watching Friends for the sixth time, wishing you had what they have.

You’re not alone. There are tons of people out there looking for the same thing as you. You just have to find them. But how?

It all starts with you. You need to find friends with similar interests. You can’t build a friendship from scratch if you don’t have a solid foundation, so build one!

Try MeetUp

Friends Meeting Online

MeetUp is a website for organized clubs. There is literally a MeetUp for everything, all over the world. If you’re into underwater basket weaving or collecting used straws, there is probably a group for you. They always meet in public places and you can troll member profiles online. It’s a great way to meet new people who are into the same things as you, and they’re looking for the same thing.

Use Your Pets (Or Children)


Let your pet find friends for you. Start a conversation with a fellow dog walker and ask if they’d like to walk together. Schedule cat playdates or trips to the pet store for cat nip. People who love their pets (or kids), love to talk about their pets (or kids). They will be happy to talk to you and it can spark a friend romance.

Take a Class

TraceyMorgan Friends

I know, I know. You’ve done the whole ‘school’ thing, but isn’t that where you fostered the majority of your relationships? Take a course at the local college or try out a sculpting class at the local arts center. You’ll have an immediate connection with your classmates. It’s an automatic conversation starter.

Join a Club or a Sports Team

Phoebe Running Friends

Make sure it’s something you already know how to play or do. Don’t join a soccer team to learn the game, join because you already love it. Like school, you’ll be joining a group of people who you’ll make an automatic connection with.


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