Zac Efron Deletes Ex-Girlfriend from Social Media–Proves He’s Human

Yes ladies, he’s single again. A source confirmed that Zac Efron and girlfriend Sami Miro, have split. After a nearly two-year long relationship, the couple ended their run together with no explanation for the fans.

Rumors of their relationship status began at Coachella, when Miro attended the festival alone, while Efron was filming Baywatch in Georgia.

When the news became official, Efron reacted like any scorned lover would–he deleted her from Instagram. He removed all photos of their vacations to Asia and Vietnam, deleting all of their memories together because, if they’re not on social media, they never happened.

To top it all off, he unfollowed her.

Miro’s Instagram remains intact, with Efron’s face all over the place. So the question remains, what happened?

Hopefully this break-up is cleaner than the one with Vanessa Hudgens. He doesn’t need another trip to rehab.


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