15 Thoughts I Had While Re-Watching The OC

The OC was one of the best shows on TV in the early 2000’s. There was so much drama and so many pretty people. We sat and watched the fist fights with awe and cheered every time Seth and Summer got together. It’s what being a teenager was all about.

Now that it’s been released on Hulu, I felt like I needed to binge. Here are 15 thoughts I had during my re-watch:

How old are these kids?

Summer Roberts Drinks OC

But seriously, they do an awful lot for only being 16. They OD, get shot, shoot people, get in fights, drive drunk, and basically everything else you could imagine. All in three short years of high school

Are there really this many good-looking kids in one school?

Seth Cohen SpiderMan

Doubt it. But, then again, I went to public school in upstate New York so I can’t say what happened at private schools in Newport Beach.

Do people actually care about water polo?

Welcome to The OC, Bitch

And is it a manly sport? It’s like adding a ball to synchronized swimming, right? Doesn’t seem very tough, but everyone in Newport seems to think it’s the bomb.

Why do people like Marissa?

Marissa Cooper OC Slut

She’s literally the worst. All of her decisions are wrong and she’s kind of a bitch.

Why don’t people love Seth Cohen?

Seth Cohen Adorkable

He’s seriously adorkable, and I think that word was invented just to describe him.

I’d have a drinking problem if I were Kirsten too.

Julie Cooper and Kirsten Cohen

She’s had a rough life. Her dad is a jackass. Her stepmother is her age. Her sister is a nut and her job is stressful.

These kids have absolutely no rules.

Summer and Marissa Shots OC

They’re drinking in Tijuana clubs, jetting off to Palm Springs and staying out late on school nights. Don’t they have curfews?

I wish my school had a Kick-Off Carnival.

Ryan and Marissa Ferris Wheel Kiss

A yearly carnival where you get to see everyone after a long summer away from them? Amazing. All we got was an assembly.

No one dresses like that in high school.

OC Clothing

Seriously, their outfits are outrageous. Just wear jeans and a t-shirt for once.

Seth and Ryan are #FriendshipGoals.

Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood Bromance

One of the best bromances of all time.

Did teenagers really have this much sex?

Seth and Summer Sex OC

People are getting knocked up, swapping boyfriends, and running around with their legs open.

Sandy Cohen gives the best advice.

Sandy Cohen Advice

He has a solution for everything. He’s always fair and willing to share his wisdom.

These ladies really depend on the men.

SummerandMarissa Boy Drama

They are the opposite of strong, independent women. They bounce from guy to guy getting deeper and deeper into trouble. Come on ladies. Get it together.

Nobody fights this much.

Ryan Punches Luke

I saw maybe one fight when I was in high school. These kids are always punching people. Always.

Marissa had to die.

Marissa Cooper Death OC

She was the literal worst. She was dragging everyone down.


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