Why Ghosting is Necessary

Ghosting is quickly becoming the most popular break-up method for millennials. It’s a way to end a relationship without actually ending it. Basically, ghosting is a term used to describe the fact that you’re going to ignore someone forever. You cut off all contact—no calls, texts, e-mails, or Facebook messages. You disappear.

Nowadays, disappearing is a hard thing to do. Our lives are etched into the Internet. Your past, present, and maybe even your future, is online. It’s extremely difficult to erase yourself.

If done for the right reasons, ghosting can be beneficial.

Why do people ghost?

Homer Simpson Disappear

It’s a popular method for a reason: it works. You can cut someone out of your life in an instant with no explanation, no warning, and no awkward conversation. It’s a way for people to abandon all responsibility in a relationship and move on with their lives. Ghosting can be seen as avoidance and fear of conflict. People don’t know how to have the break-up conversation, so they don’t. They just disappear, leaving the other to pick up the pieces.

When is it necessary to ghost?

Muppets Domestic Violence

When you’re in a toxic relationship with a significant other or a friend. Sometimes, the easiest thing you can do is to disappear. Someone who is doing more harm than good to your relationship doesn’t deserve an explanation from you. If they’re making your life worse, get rid of them.

What can you learn from being ghosted?

Chuck Bass Love

If you’re on the receiving end of being ghosted, you probably feel pretty terrible. You’ve been dropped by someone who won’t tell you why—that can be pretty devastating. You question everything. Blame yourself. It may seem like the end of the world, but it’s a learning opportunity. It gives you the chance to examine the relationship and learn what you can do to improve upon your current or upcoming relationships. It can also show you how much better your life is without the other person. It could be a blessing in disguise.


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