May Music Feature: A Choice Bit of Calico

A Choice Bit of Calico is an up-and-coming band based in Asheville, NC. The band was formed and founded by members Mishelle Stapleton and Sal DeTillio, a real-life couple who met in college and continued their chemistry outside of school.

The two recently moved to Asheville where they recorded their most recent album, “Phase 3,” which is a collaboration of style, musicianship, and songwriting that identifies the struggles of discovering yourself.

Check out their Q&A and listen to their full album below:

How would you describe your sound for “A Choice Bit Of Calico”?

A Choice Bit of CalicoSal: We have many influences ranging from hard rock, to 80’s pop, to stripped down singer-songwriters… so I guess our sound falls in the midst of that somewhere, but we’ve been trying to just say “Indie Pop”. The music for us is very honest and close to the heart.

Mishelle: I would describe us as “Indie Pop-Rock”. Which I suppose just means a lighter form of rock with a pop sound and some hopefully catchy songs.

How did you two decide on your sound?

A Choice Bit of Calico

M: Melding together the singer-songwriter in me and the hard rock of Sal, it’s just what came out.

S: I think it’s just a sound that came pretty naturally for us. In the past we’ve done more songs written primarily by Mish, and I’ve usually just nurtured her own sound and vision for those songs. But for “A Choice Bit Of Calico”, I wanted a real fusion of us musically. So we did more songs written by me (as well as Mishelle) and some nice combinations of her “creepy – clean” sound and my “broken hearted/ loud guitar” style. I think the two sides of that coin are pretty cool.

What are your goals for the band?

A Choice Bit of CalicoM: I suppose our goals are truly to just get as many people listening and enjoying our music, and any music, as much as possible.

S: I’ve been in bands and playing and writing music since I was 13.  So for me it’s always just been about keeping the music coming. Keep playing, keep writing, keep the music coming. It’s a valve you can’t really ever shut off, at least I hope not! But as for CBOC specifically, I’d like to do another album and incorporate some more musicians, see how the landscape changes. That’s the great thing about making music. It can be anything you need it to be, and it can also be anything it needs to be for the listener at the same time. Just endless.

Listen to their newest album, “Phase 3” below:

If you would like to hear more, like them on Facebook and download their music online.


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