How to Nail Sunday Funday

Sunday’s are sacred. They’re your final day of freedom before you return to the prison you call a job. It’s not uncommon that you want to let loose and relax on your final day. It sounds so simple, go out on Sunday, have a few cocktails, come home and go to sleep, but it’s really not that easy.

Sunday Funday is an art. You need to keep the fun going all day while not getting too out of control. Again, sounds easy right? Well, you’d be wrong. It takes a lot of practice to become a master.

It’s becoming a much-loved holiday for the millennial generation, but it’s a hard craft to hone, so we’ve compiled a few tips to help you out.

Gather your squad

Bad Blood Squad Goals

Teamwork is important and you need to find a group that’s on your side. Make sure you have the same goals—to have fun. Leave the fighter or the crier at home. They’ll just bring you down. Sundays are for fun. Don’t bring friends who threaten the Sunday motto.

Go to brunch, obviously

Guys Who Brunch

If you don’t eat brunch, did Sunday ever happen? You need to eat and you need to eat a lot. You have a long day of sipping alcohol ahead and you need some food in your stomach.

Think about your booze

Big Ang Mimosas

Your drink should reflect how long you plan on drinking. You shouldn’t start with Bloody Marys or Irish coffees if you’re going to end your day with a slew of vodka sodas. Sunday’s are a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re in it for the long haul, stick with a mimosa or Bellini. You’ll get some nutrients from the fruit, and the champagne won’t kill you as fast as vodka.

Walk around

Girls Drunk Outside

Wander. Sunday Funday is all about spontaneity. You bar hop should be random and the fresh air will do you some good!

Don’t drink too much, too fast

Too Much Too Fast Friends

Sundays aren’t about blacking out, they’re about keeping a light buzz all day. Which brings me to…

No shots


Save those for Saturday night because they don’t belong on Sundays. You’ll regret the shots if you take them, you always do.



This is probably the most important part of the day. Unless you want to struggle through your Monday with a killer headache and an upset stomach, you might want to consider going drink-for-drink with water. One glass of water for every glass of booze.

Be home by 8

Jump Into Bed

It is Sunday, after all. You have work in the morning and you want to be alive for it. Get yourself home by a reasonable hour and you’ll get plenty of sleep for the next day.


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