What to Stream this Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is almost better than Halloween–you walk around your house with the light on, hoping no one is lurking in a shadow. You check the backseat of your car before you start driving and you lock your front door immediately. Anything could happen.

If you want to scare yourself a little more, check out these thirteen movies that are available to stream:

Coherence (Amazon Prime)


Dream House (Netflix)


Dead Silence (Netflix)


The Babadook (Netflix)


The Others (Netflix)


The Resident (Hulu)


Deadly Daycare (Hulu)


Hard Candy (Hulu)


It Follows (Showtime)


Hush (Netflix)


Would You Rather (Netflix)


Ginger Snaps (Hulu)


Bereavement (Hulu)


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