14 Types of Friends You Find in Every Group

Every group of friends is different, but there are stock personalities necessary for a group to function. If you have a smaller group, one person may absorb multiple traits, but either way, they’re all accounted for.

The Bitch

Kourtney Kardashian Annoying

She always has something nasty to say. She’s entertaining until you become her target.

The One Who Always Wants to Take a Selfie

J Lo on Jimmy Fallon

They act like Snapchat is a documentary and they don’t want to miss a thing.

The Instigator

Manipulate the Situation Diplo

They see trouble coming and have a special way of turning something small into a huge, life-altering mega fight.

The Sweetheart

New Girl Winston Kind Eyes

They can turn every negative situation into something fun and happy. They always have something nice to say and have the cutest smile.

The One Who Wants to Turn-up on a Monday

Bridesmaids Ready to Party

And on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.

The Bad Influence

American Psycho Peer Pressure

They can convince you to do anything—drain your bank account for a trip to Cancun, go skydiving, or play hooky from work. They’re like the devil to your angel.

The Judgmental One

Michael Scott Doing Alcohol

They can’t let anyone be happy. Oh you’re going to a Justin Bieber concert? You know you’re 26, right? You think you can pull off bangs? Think again.

The Self-Proclaimed Funny One

Chandler Bing Dumb Things

They make too many jokes and laugh too hard at them, even when no one else is.

The One With No Money

King of Queens Broke

They mooch off of everyone else and never chip in for pizza and beer.

The One Who’s Always Crying

Leo DiCaprio Crying

Drunk or sober, they’re super sensitive. You spend 50% of your friendship consoling them.

The One Who Prefers Calling to Texting

Rotary Phone

It’s 2016, do we really have to talk? We don’t even know how to set up our voicemail.

The One Who Always Says Something Inappropriate in the Group Text

Getting on my Nerves

And it always ends the conversation.

The Know it All

They correct everything you say—an incorrect song lyric, a fact, or grammar. Stop it. Just Stop.

The One Who’s Always Late

There’s always one person who slows everyone down.


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