Kanye Is More Kanye Than Ever In An Interview With Ellen

“What’s the point of thinking?” Kanye responds when Ellen asked whether or not he regrets anything he’s ever tweeted.

That’s basically the interview in a nutshell—the key word being ‘nut’.


During this interview, Kanye proves that he is well on his way to a Trump-styled campaign where he believes he could help the world, if only he had proper resources.

That’s why he asked Mark Zuckerberg for $53 million on one of his recent Twitter rants, in case you were wondering.

Mid-interview, he turns into a crazed street performer, starts busting rhymes and changing the tone of his voice. He puts his music into his shoes—brilliance. His dad was in a homeless shelter and his mom was the first black female chair of the English Department at Chicago State University, and some other things about the Oscars and Chris Rock that no one really understood.

He’s that guy on the street you try not to make eye contact with.

Sorry daytime television. Kanye is here.


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