12 Things You Google During Your First Few Years of Adulthood

Being an adult is hard. School never taught you about life’s necessities. You never learned how to fill out a check, but at least you know the quadratic equation! We’ve all hit a point in our lives when we didn’t know the answer to basic adulting questions—so logically, you Google them.

How long do you boil an egg?

Boil Water American Dad 

Where do you get health insurance?


Do I have to do my taxes?


Do I have to do my taxes every year?

 Ellen Taxes

How much should I have in my bank account?


How much Tylenol is too much?


How often should I wash my sheets?

New Girl Laundry 

Where is the closest bar?

Rockos Modern Life 

How do I know if I should go to the doctor?


How much do cars cost?


Where do you buy stamps?


How do you know if meat is bad?

Meat Mistake Infomercial


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