15 Times You Were Schmidt, Even if You Don’t Want to Admit It

Schmidt may be the most lovable character on New Girl. He’s the kind of character that makes you laugh and cry, but if he were in your friends group, you’d be avoiding him at every corner. 

He’s more relatable than you think. To prove it, here is a list of 15 times you were the Schmidt of your friend group.

When You Make Drunk Friends With Someone in the Bathroom

Schmidt New Girl Autpbipgraphy

When You Accidentally Move Into the College Ghetto as an Adult

Street Youths Schmidt New Girl

When You Find Someone Who Actually Wants to Date You

Schmidt New Girl Like Personality

When You Go Through a Breakup

Schmidt Going Through a Breakup

When Your Friend Is Way Too Happy

Movies Are All Sequels

When There Is a Lull In The Conversation And You Have to Come Up With Something To Say

Abraham Lincoln Facts

When You Need To Remind Your Friend of their Friendly Duties

Schmidt New Girl

When Your Friend Asks for Your Opinion on Their Outfit

Dirty Slut New Girl

When You’re Describing Your Forever Single-ness to Your Friends

Schmidt is Complex

When You Can’t Find the Words to Describe Your Anger

Mad As A Dad in Traffic

When You Have an Extremely Deep and Drunk Conversation With Your Best Friend and You Ask Them All the Questions You’ve Been Embarrassed to Ask

Schmidt Sex Questions

When You Try To Pick Up Women at the Bar

PIcking Up Women

When You Finally Learn the New, Hip Lingo

Hashtag Excitement

When You’re Prepping for a Big Interview

Self Pep-Talk

When You Realize You’re the Schmidt of Your Friend Group



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