What Your Beer Pong Shot Says About You

Spoiler alert: it says a lot.

The Classic

Pong Shot

You’re simple. You follow the basic rules of beer pong. You don’t take too long to shoot. You don’t over extend and you don’t throw with extra force. You’re probably a fan of v-neck black t-shirts and dark jeans. You like to wear belts and Oakley sunglasses. You played sports in high school, but you were never a star. You were a staple and you still are.

The Arc

arc shot

You probably studied science in college because the arc takes some time to perfect. The sheer physics alone make it difficult to successfully make an arc shot. You’re probably a fan of chess and wear SPF 50 sunblock. You’re a fan of baseball hats and play a lot of golf.

The Bounce

You’re an idealist. You probably read a lot of books and watch a lot of independent movies. The bounce is a long shot in most games. You have to hope your opponent isn’t paying attention to the game. It’s a high-risk, high-reward, but hey—you’re willing to take that risk because your head is in the clouds. You’re thinking about Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or maybe even how Dexter got away with murder for so long.

The Ninja Star

You're not a wizard

This is similar to the curve ball in baseball or bowling. It’s almost like a side-armed, wrist-flick that curves right into the cup. You’re trying to hard. You’re also probably the drunkest one playing. You were big into Ed Hardy clothing and you’ve definitely gone to a tanning salon before. Make sure to wipe the gel off your hands before you play.

The Underhand

underhand shot

You’re avant-garde. You try hard to be different and this is one way to stick it to the man. You wear scarves in the summer and worship movies that no one’s ever heard of. You like John Mayer though—that’s undeniable. You were in the drama club in high school, but you were also voted homecoming king. You work hard for your image and it’s working for you.

The Target

You’re a show-off. You call every cup just to prove you can. Even if you miss three called shots in a row, it doesn’t stop you. You also hit on the same girl at every party. You’re relentless. You still talk about the glory days of high school and tell the same jokes you’ve always told. You’re always picking fights and you’re great at trash talking.

The Millionaire

Wolf of Wall Street Beer Pong

This is the Jordan Belfort shot—you know the one from Wolf of Wall Street. The one where Leonardo DiCaprio shoots the classic shot, but uses his other arm to support his elbow. You’re old school and you don’t take any chances. You know how things are supposed to be and you try to keep them that way. You’ve never tried Sushi and you’ve never been abroad. You exclusively wear white sneakers and aviator sunglasses.

The Backhand


This is the palm-up; wrist-flick shot that only the pretentious do. You use big words and reference the unfamiliar. You’re weirdly interested in the secret life of Ted Cruz and it’s all you talk about. You studied business in college and play beach volleyball.

The Reach

Harry Potter Beer Pong

You live life on the edge. You repeatedly break the elbow or wrist rule and hope no one notices. In your spare time, you like to rock climb, hike, or sky dive. You’ve been to 10 different countries and you thrive off adventure.

The Lean


You touch the table on every shot. It’s your crutch. You spend more time talking trash than you do playing the game. You wear shorts all year round and you own one t-shirt style in eleven different colors. You have more sneakers than clothing and you prefer Linkedin to Facebook.

The Laser Beam

You aim to kill. You shoot a powerful shot straight at the cups. You often knock them off the table, but your aim is impeccable. You’re a diehard baseball fan and love to gamble because you know you’ll always win. You’re the one at the party who’s always trying to start a game. You’ve never owned a pair of jeans and your favorite movie is Anchorman.


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