Boulder Councilman Wants to Ban Beer Pong Tables on Front Lawns

Well, he wants to ban dormant pong tables that have been littering University Hill. 

Andrew Shoemeaker, a councilman in Boulder, CO is sick and tired of seeing beer pong tables, cups, balls, and beer cans littering the front lawns of local fraternities and campus housing.

“Clean up the tables and the mess around it,” Shoemaker said in an interview on Tuesday. “It’s not against the game of beer pong, or against using the tables. It’s more, at the end of the day clean up the tables and the mess around them.”

CU_TableOf course, many of the fraternities don’t agree with the situation. They believe that by playing beer pong in their front yards, it creates a sense of community with the neighbors.

If you’re not familiar, University Hill is the neighborhood directly adjacent to the University of Colorado Campus–a popular place for students to build a home for their four or five years in college.

But, it’s not just college student living in the area. There are multiple families who also live in the surrounding area who don’t necessarily need the beer pong table and music to feel a sense of community.

Currently, the ban is just an idea, but if it passes, all houses with beer pong tables on their front lawns will be fined.

The city of Boulder also banned furniture on front lawns back in the early 2000’s so the idea isn’t too far-fetched.

A meeting is set to discuss the ordinance on June 7th.


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