15 Ways You Got Drunk in College that Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach Now

Don’t pretend you haven’t done these.

Slap the Bag

Boxed Wine is Juice Will and Grace

Because chugging wine in a bag was a cheap, and easy way to throw up white zinfandel all night.

Jungle Juice from a Trash Can

Trash Can Jungle Juice

You drank out of a trash can. You did. Remember?

Four Loko

Four Loko Drinking

There’s a reason these were banned. You may (or may not) remember funneling one in a gas station bathroom.

Keg Stands

Keg Stand How I Met Your Mother

Drinking beer upside down? What could go wrong?


Frank the Tank Funnel

There is nothing more fun than having beer come out of your nose or regurgitating foam.

Ruining Childhood by making alcohol infused Gummy Bears

Vodka Gummy Bears

Was anyone ever successful with this? Or did they all taste like gummy bears coated in rubbing alcohol?

Endless $2 Long Islands at the bar that served underage

Long Island Iced Tea

Double fisting Long Island Iced Teas is basically like jumping off a cliff. You dive in head first and hope you don’t die.

Took the nutritional value out of everything in order to put alcohol in it

Watermelon, strawberries, lemons, limes, apples, and anything else you had lying around.

You played Quarters

Quarters Drinking Game

That quarter has been groped by a million different people and you’re letting it marinate in your beer before you drink it.

You hid alcohol in everything

Suntan Lotion Alcohol

Listerine bottles, sunscreen bottles, or hairspray bottles.

You tried to be your own bartender

Puzzles the Bar HIMYM

What goes in a mojito? It’s just rum and mint, right? A long island is tequila, vodka, and iced tea? Close enough.

Taped 40’s to your hands

Edward 40 Hands

Because you didn’t want to be able to escape your blackout.

Counted beers by playing wizard stick

Wizard Stick Beer Pong

A wizard stick isn’t useful unless it’s taller than you and that’s about 10 or more beers.

Body shots

Body Shots

You drank belly button lint.

Vodka shots

Vodka Chug

Just warm, vodka, out of a plastic bottle.

Put alcohol in literally anything you had

Tequila and Mountain Dew.


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