5 Things You Didn’t Know About Muhammad Ali

Rest in Peace, one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Before he was Muhammad Ali, people knew him as Cassius X.

After becoming a member of the Nation of Islam, leader Elijah Muhammad gave him the holy name, Muhammed Ali.

His boxing career started with a bicycle.

When he was 12, young Clay had his bicycle stolen. He reported it stolen to the police department in Louisville, Kentucky. Clay vowed to find the culprit and beat him to a pulp. Instead, the officer offered to train him as a boxer instead.

He was banned from boxing for three years.

During the Vietnam War, Ali refused to participate in the draft due to religious reasons. He was arrested and tried for draft evasion. In turn, he was stripped of his title and banned from boxing. The decision was repealed in 1970 and Ali’s title was reinstated.

Ali was in a Broadway musical.

During his time out of the ring, Ali took to Broadway and played in the short-lived play, “Buck White.” The play only lasted four days, but got great reviews in the New York Times.

His gold medal may be at the bottom of the Ohio River.

At 18, Ali won the light heavyweight gold medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics. In the summer of 1975, it is reported that he threw his gold medal off a bridge to combat racism in his hometown.



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