8 Things to Avoid When Hosting a BBQ

BBQs are an essential part of summer. It’s a way to gather your friends, sing “Kumbaya” around a fire, and drinking endless amounts of beer. But a perfectly crafted party is hard to come by. Impress your friends this summer by avoiding these BBQ pitfalls:

Overly Complicated Drinks

How to Make a Mojito

Stick with the basics. Beer, liquor, and wine. Avoid blended cocktails or things you have to muddle. They’re a good idea, in theory, but they’re a pain to make and to clean up. Plus, when you’re drinking, maybe using a blender isn’t the best idea.

A Schedule

Simpsons No Plan

Try not to schedule everything. Food at 1pm. Beer pong at 2pm. Relay race at 2:45pm. It will not only stress you out, but turn your guests away. BBQ’s are about relaxing and having spur of the moment fun.

Don’t rely on other people

Flakey Friend Gif

At least on the important things. Don’t rely on your flakey friend to bring the ice. Without ice, your beer will be warm and that will immediately kill the mood.

Don’t drink too much

Drunk Host Jersey Shore

This can be a curse for the host of a party. If you drink too much, you lose control, and your guests can run amuck. That is the last thing you want. Also, be sure to prepare your home in advance–just in case the party does get out of hand.

Overly complicated food

Nick Miller Fancy Food

BBQ food is never very impressive. It’s a classic. Keep it that way.

Dress codes

Dress Code

Cocktail-style BBQ’s are not a thing. Stop trying to make them a thing. Nothing ruins a party faster than spilling wine on a nice dress or sweating through your nice button up.


Lion King Luau

Also, it’s not Halloween. You don’t need a theme. Luau’s are played out and everyone is already planning their epic 4th of July outfits. Don’t complicate that by throwing an extra outfit into the loop. Your friends are probably easily confused.

Overly complicated games


Drunk people have the attention spans of infants. Plan games everyone knowns. Cornhole, Kan Jam, beer pong, or flip cup. The simpler, the better. To further impress your friends, bring back some old school games like Twister or Slip n’ Slide relays.


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