8 Totally Real Excuses to Get Out of Work Today

Want to take a day off? Or maybe just skip out of work a little early? Hump day can be a drag, so here are some super-legitimate excuses you can use to free up your day.

‘I’m Sick’

Mean Girls Sick

‘I Have a Commitment’

Braid My Landlords Hair

‘I Had a Rough Morning’

Tripped Over a Tree in the Morning

‘I Had a Rough Night’

What I Go Through On Wednesday

‘I Hate My Job’

Office Space Hate My Job

‘I’m Fed Up With Life’

Seth Cohen Allergic to the Universe

‘It’s That Time of the Month’

Fuck You Hormones

‘I’m Just Not Feeling it Today’

Phoebe With I Could But I Don't Want To

Okay, so maybe they’re not real excuses.

Whatever Cinderella


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