19 Things We Miss About Summer Vacation

Summer isn’t the same anymore. Once the end of June rolls around, we no longer lose all sense responsibility and gain the sense of infinite freedom. Instead, we relish late-afternoon BBQ’s and wear extra sunblock so we aren’t peeling all week long.

There are so many things we took for granted and wish we could redo.

Homework Bonfire

Homework Bonfire Spongebob

Cleansing yourself from a year’s worth of Algebra nonsense.

Freeze Pops

Freeze Pops for Summer

So simple, yet so brilliant.

Lemonade Stands

Lemonade Stands The Simpsons

Whether you were selling, or buying, they were great.

Watching Reruns

Home Alone Watching Reruns

Saved by the Bell played every morning, right before Dawson’s Creek.

Wearing a Swimsuit All Day Long

Wearing Swimsuits All Day

And no one cared that you wore the same one every day.

Pool Parties

Mary-Kate and Ashley Pool Party

And not caring about how you looked in a bikini.

Forgetting What Day of the Week It Is

Forgetting the Days of the Week

And not because you’re drunk.

Reading Every Issue of Every Magazine

Reading Magazines

You thought Cosmo taught you so much.

Slumber Parties

Slumber Party Pillow Fight

Where maybe you snuck out once or twice.

Running Around Barefoot

Running Around Barefoot Pocahontas

You wanted to be Pocahontas so badly.

Chasing the Ice Cream Truck

Chasing the Ice Cream Truck

If you do that now, it’s creepy.

Not Having to Check in With Your Parents

Chill Out Parents Hilary Duff

There was a time before cell phones where they just kind of guessed where you were at all times.

Playing Kissing Games at the Park

Playing 7 Minutes in Heaven

7 Minutes in Heaven is the weirdest game ever.


Camping in Your Backyard

In your parent’s backyard.

Riding a Bicycle to Your Friend’s House

Now and Then Bike Rides

And not because you’re doing it for the exercise, lack of gas money, or because you’re drinking. Just because you want to.

Playing Manhunt

Playing Manhunt

There’s nothing shady about running around at night with no parental supervision.

Back to School Shopping (with your parent’s money)

Back to School Shopping

Now you wear the same clothes you wore your senior year of high school because you refuse to buy your own clothes.

Underwater Cameras

Underwater Selfie

That you had to wait to develop.

Water Balloon Fights

Water Balloon Fight

Three hours of set-up for 10 minutes of fun.



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