The Extreme Summer Beer Pong of Your Dreams is Here

Have you ever wanted to be the ping pong ball in a game of beer pong? Chubbies has created the ultimate, extreme beer pong game: Rope Swing Beer Pong.

Photo Cred: Phil Mills via Chubbies

The game is simple. You need:

  1. Inner Tubes
  2. A Lake
  3. A Rope Swing
  4. Ropes
  5. Beer
  6. Pizza Lunchables (for unspecified reasons)

Once you have all of those things, you divide into two teams and take turns swinging from the rope into the lake, trying to land in the inner tubes. If you make it, you untie it, leaving less and less tubes until you finish them all. The team that hits the most tubes, wins.

If you’re super badass, back flips and head first dives are worth two tubes, but theres nothing about swatting humans in the rules. You can check out a video and their full list of game rules, here.


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