11 Things That Happen When You Turn 21

Besides the fact that you’ll never be bored again.

People refer to you as an adult.

When You're an Adult

Even though the next few years will be the least adult years you’ll ever live.

You’re going to be poor.

Broke from Drinking

All of a sudden, you can buy all the booze you want. Your restaurant tabs get bigger, your bank account gets smaller, and it gets smaller fast.

You’ll want to try everything.

Try New Drinks

It’s not all Long Island Iced Teas and Sex on the Beaches, because those are the only drinks you know the names of. Now, you can order anything – a Green Mile, Old Fashioned, Gimlet, Bee Sting, whatever!

You’ll want to learn about wine.

New Girl Wine

There’s more to the world than Yellow Tail and Barefoot. You’ll find that there is a difference between Rose and White Zinfandel and you’ll never have to slap the bag, again.

Also, you’ll learn what a wine stopper is for.

Wine Stopper

Because you don’t have  to drink the whole bottle, although you totally can if you want to.

You’re going to be annoyed when people ask you to buy them alcohol.

Will you buy me alcohol?

You understand the struggle of not being 21 and not being able to buy your own alcohol, but come on, you’re putting yourself on the line now.

You’re going to learn that there is a difference between cheap and expensive liquor.

Cheap Wine

The cheaper the booze, the worse the hangover.

You’ll finally understand the importance of water.

Drinking Water

Now that you’re 21, you don’t have to double fist Long Island Iced Teas at the club, trying to squeeze in as many drinks as possible before you get kicked out for being underage. You can take your time. Alternate water and booze.

You’ll learn what you can and can’t handle.

Can't Handle Booze

In college, you think you can handle everything, but really, you’re handling nothing at all. Once you turn 21, you have the luxury of exploring boundaries at your own pace. You can have one manhattan. Not two. If you have two, you’ll be throwing up at work all morning.

You’ll learn the importance of a good bartender.

HIMYM Bartender

You’ll find a place you like with a nice, outgoing bartender who will get to know you and what you drink. Every once in awhile, they might throw you a free drink.

You’ll learn how to tip your bartender.

Shutup and Take My Money

This is how you get strong drinks, free drinks, and fast service.


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