30 Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Turning 30 is a MAJOR milestone. You’re no longer in your twenties, which means you’re an actual adult now. Make the most out of your twenties before you have to adult forever.

Make a Bucket List

Write a Bucket List

Go Somewhere You’ve Always Wanted to Go

Go Somewhere New

Splurge on an Expensive Bottle of Wine at a Restaurant

Splurge on Wine

Run in an Organized Event—Even if it’s Just a 5k


Take a Spontaneous Road Trip to Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Spontaneous Road Trip

Go Skinny Dipping—Somewhere Other Than a Pool

Skinny Dipping

Take Yourself to Dinner and A Movie

Take Yourself on a Date

Sing a Karaoke Duet with a Stranger

Karaoke Duet

Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Test Drive Your Dream Car

Drive Your Dream Car

Buy Something You’ve Always Wanted—Even if it’s Not Practical

Barneys Diamond Suit HIMYM

Travel Somewhere Alone

Travel Alone

Attend a Major Sporting Event (Even if you don’t like sports)

CrazySports FAns

Learn a New Skill—Bartending, Pottery, Underwater Basket Weaving

How to Be a Bartender

Ask for a Raise

Help Me I'm Poor



Watch Every Oscar Winning Movie

Oscar Movies

Go Camping—Find all the Constellations


Live Abroad

Live Abroad

Donate to a Good Cause—And Donate a Substantial Amount

Donate to a Good Cause

Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet

Pull an All-Nighter

Stay Up All Night

Host an Adult Slumber Party

Host an Adult Sleepover

Play Hooky

Play Hoooky

Find Out About Your Ancestors—take a DNA test

Learn About Your Heritage

Get a Tattoo

Get a Tattoo

Do Random Good Deeds for Strangers

Do Good Deeds

Rent a Beach House With Your Best Friend

Rent a Beach House

Hand-Write a Letter to Your Parents

Write Everything Down

Take Notes


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