Cavaliers Celebrate NBA Finals Win With Game of Beer Pong

What do you do after winning a major championship? Obviously, you play beer pong.

If you don’t follow Richard Jefferson (rjeff24) and Matthew Dellavedova (matthewdelly) on Snapchat, then you may have missed their mini-celebration party.

CavaliersBPONGAfter the Cavaliers achieved a once-in-a-lifetime comeback on Sunday to defeat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals, the team kept the winning shots coming.

The snaps followed the entire night, from the minute Jefferson walked in the door to the moment Jefferson and Channing Frye acted as salesmen for Delly’s coffee.

LeBron did not make an appearance in the snaps, but we’re all still hoping that he dropped in for a shot or two. Luckily, Delly’s dad showed up to own everyone in flip cup.

The group exclusively drank PBR and Corona and showed us the true meaning of friendship and teamwork.

Because, really. What’s better than beer pong to show you the importance of being a team?


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