How to Make the Most Out of Shark Week

This is one of the most important weeks of the year. You need to do it right.

Go See Finding Dory

Finding Dory Shark Week

This will jumpstart your curiosity about the ocean. You’ll see creatures you forgot existed and it will invigorate your need to learn.

Get Shark-Themed Snacks

Shark Week Snack

Shark gummies or shark fin ice cubes! Really, anything you think is appropriate.

Make Shark-Themed Drinks

Shark Week Cocktail

To make this, you’ll need citrus vodka, white cranberry juice, lime, and of course–Blue Curacao. Add some raw sugar on the rim for a sandy touch.

Get Some Swag

Adult Shark Onesie from Target

This can be anything from shark sunglasses to a shark onesie. The world is your ocean.

Make a Schedule

Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week

Unfortunately, your job probably doesn’t offer days off for shark week, so you’ll only have so much time and space left on your DVR. So choose wisely. Highlight all the must-see shows and watch those.

Invite Your Friends

Sharknado at Comicon

There’s nothing like swapping shark attack scenarios with your comrades while you’re all wearing shark heads.


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