Ryan Murphy Just Gave American Horror Story Fans a HUGE Clue

We’ve been waiting, wondering, and hoping for more information about the upcoming season of American Horror Story.


Creator, Ryan Murphy likes too keep us in the dark until the last possible moment. He’s a big fan of suspense. And how do you build suspense? With a slow leak of information. Last night, American Horror Story social media accounts released a cryptic new photo of the number 6.

AHS Season 6

What could this mean?

Let’s think about this logically. So far, Murphy has connected every season of American Horror Story in some way. So what are some story threads that were never explained?

My theory: Aliens.

That weird alien plot line in Season 2’s Asylum, was never quite explained and was left open ended in the finale. If you look closely at the “6” in the logo, it slightly resembles a crop circle.

Maybe that’s the huge hint we’ve been waiting for.

Just a theory.

Although, Murphy has hinted in the past that this season may center around a group of children–which would also be terrifying.

What do we know for a fact? A few of our favorite actors are returning. Lady Gaga will make a comeback with less of a main role. Angela Bassett will also return, as well as Cheyenne Jackson, who played Will Drake during Season 5’s Hotel. As for the others, their status is yet to be revealed.

For now, all we can hope for is another hint.


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