10 Things You Did In High School That Seem Really Weird Now

Shockingly enough, you were never normal.

Sharing Gum

Sharing Gum With Someone

I don’t mean giving your friends an extra piece of gum, I mean literally chewing on a piece of gum, spitting it out, and giving it to your friend to finish off. You literally mama-birded her so her breath didn’t stink either.

Being Weird About Sharing Your Gum

Hate to Share Gum

It’s like you prioritized your friends by who you would share your gum with. You carefully unwrapped gum in the darkness of your backpack just so no one would notice that you had it. If you gave it to one person, you had to give it to everyone. You were always conveniently chewing your last piece of gum.

Asking Strangers to Buy You Booze

Hey Mister

Now, in your wise post-21 years, you think that buying alcohol for random underage kids is a ludicrous idea. So, in retrospect, the people that agreed to buy you alcohol were extremely creepy.

Covering Your Arms and Legs With Doodles

Markers, pen, or even Sharpie. You didn’t care. You did it anyways. Your parents hated it, so maybe that’s why you did it.

Three-Way Calling

Lizzie McGuire 3-Way Call

It’s like a group text, but way more uncomfortable. You never knew who was talking and there was always the possibility that someone was dialed in that you didn’t know about. Hello, Mean Girls.

Hooking Up With Someone in the Same Room As Your Friend

Even if you were just making out with your girlfriend in the same room as your best friend and his girlfriend, it’s a little weird. There was no sound. No music or tv. Just the sound of saliva and that is haunting.

Trading Personal Possessions

Bartering Clothes

Since you weren’t in charge of your own money, you had to compromise. If your friend had a dress or a backpack that you liked, you offered to trade them one of your dresses for that one. Original value didn’t matter.

Worrying About Dress Code

Wearing a Bra Dress Code

Was your skirt past your fingertips or was your bra strap showing too much? Like the sight of a shoulder was going to make the teen boys go nuts.

Hanging Out Anywhere

Literally anywhere. Street corners, random park benches, stoops of abandoned retail stores. Anywhere you could have a conversation was good enough.

Having a Crush

There is nothing in the world as powerful as a high school crush. You see this person walking up and down the halls every day. You are constantly wondering if they’re thinking about you and you dress yourself every morning with them in mind. That doesn’t happen now. Now, all you need is a good Tinder photo.


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