5 Weird Things That Have Happened Because of Pokemon GO

This game is not for the faint of heart.

The 90’s are back in full force. Lisa Frank is making a comeback and adults are ruining their lives to play Pokemon GO. Some poor unfortunate souls have been catching more than elusive Pokemon.

A Man Was Stabbed

In Oregon, an unsuspecting Pokemon GO player was stabbed while walking down the street. He was too busy trying to catch them all instead of seeing the warning signs of a potential stabber.

The Game is Being Used for Armed Robberies

A rag-tag group of bandits used the PokeStop feature to locate and track certain players while they robbed their home.

A 19 Year Old Found a Dead Body

While searching for a water-specific Pokemon, a girl from Wyoming stumbled upon a dead body instead.

Australian Police Officially Decided that Pokemon GO Cannot Be Used as a Legal Defense

It cannot be used as a defense for trespassing or other crimes. This has not been declared in the US so there’s still hope for us.

A Massive Crowd at the Santa Monica Pier to catch a Dragonair

Dragonair for President!



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