10 Signs That Prove You’re Unknowingly Adulting

It happens unexpectedly. 

You have said no to going out

Even if it was just one time, you’re still becoming more and more aware of your bank account and will to live.

You have your own Netflix account

You don’t have to worry about too many users on at once or someone else viewing your most recently watched.

You choose vegetables over Ramen

Even if you’re just adding veggies to your Ramen, it’s a big step up.

You know your neighbors and say hi to them often

You may not like them, but you understand the importance of being kind to your neighbors.

You complain about loud neighbors

You aren’t that loud neighbor. Instead, you gather with your neighbor pals to bitch about the partiers in 2B.

You’ve made a big purchase and paid it off

A car, a laptop, a vacation, or even a house!

You have made something from scratch

Even if it’s just those three-ingredient peanut butter cookies.

You asked for an expensive kitchen product for Christmas

Your toaster oven was getting pretty gnarly and you didn’t want to spend your own money on something so lame.

You’re awake before 10am

You miss so much when you sleep through the morning and you lose valuable TV or work time.

You put more thought into your job than you do your social life

Because your friends don’t pay you. They cost you.


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