8 Party Games from the 90’s We Should Bring Back

These would make for an EPIC summer bash.

Bop It

Bop It

Don’t be the one who flicks instead of twists.



Because, why not?

Don’t Break the Ice

There’s nothing harder than trying to keep a block of ice together after you’re a little buzzed.



Not life size Jenga. Basic Jenga.

Pick-Up Sticks

It’s not just a pointless game. It’s a game of concentration and skill.

Pretty Pretty Princess

Pretty Pretty Princess

Even the guys will want to play.

Don’t Wake Daddy

Your drunk self won’t be able to take the pressure.

Global Guts

Global Guts Beer Olympics

Okay, so this wasn’t a game we used to play, but what if you threw a Global Guts themes Beer Olympics?


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