Princess Leia Just Dropped a HUGE Star Wars Spoiler

Star Wars fans have been actively mourning the death of Han Solo in The Force Awakens, grasping at any information that will help them through this difficult time. They need closure and Carrie Fisher may have given it to them.

Carrie Fisher and Warwick DavisDuring a panel at the Star Wars Celebration in London, Fisher was joined by Warwick Davis who played the lovable Ewok, Wicket, in Return of the Jedi.

During the panel, Davis asked Fisher, “What do you know of the period between the end of Return of the Jedi and the beginning of The Force Awakens?”

Fisher’s response: “Han’s funeral.”


It’s obvious that Fisher misunderstood the question and immediately recognized her mistake. So she tried to counter with, “The old one, oh. Han and I have a very volatile relationship obviously, which leads to space divorce. No, I don’t think we are divorced, we’re just estranged.”Carrie Fisher and her Dog

Suspicious, Leia. Very suspicious.

Maybe she just got her movies confused, or maybe she’s been dying to tell someone about the delayed, but upcoming new Star Wars film.

We hope, for the sake of our hearts, that we get to experience Han’s funeral.

Also, if you’re interested in following Carrie Fisher’s dog, Gary, on Twitter…you can.


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