11 Reasons You Should Be Watching “Big Brother”

“Big Brother” is one of those shows that no one likes to admit that they watch, but the recent premier of Season 18 begs to differ.

If you’re having withdrawal from regularly schedules programming, and are looking for something to fill the void, “Big Brother” is there for you three times a week.

It’s on ALL the Time

And I mean all the time. The show airs three nights a week and airs a 24-hour live feed where you can see everything the house guests do. It’s weirdly addicting.

The Alliances

This is the best part of the show. The houseguests are constantly making new alliances–secret and not-so-secret. They make up hokey names for their alliances and try and keep their friendships secret.

The Ugly Cry Faces

The girls on this show cry all the damn time. It’s embarrassing for them, but amazing for us.

The Fights

They rarely get physical, so the houseguests resort to using their words. They fight over nothing at all and it’s extremely entertaining.

The Showmances

You watch with shock and awe while couples hook up with one another on TV. They choose their significant other over the $500,000 prize and sometimes, they have a boyfriend at home that they openly cheat on during live TV.

The Twists

The show’s motto, Expect the Unexpected is exactly that. The twists are anything from twin swaps to ex-boyfriends.

The Fandom

BB Superfan

The BB fandom might be stronger than Harry Potter. The people that love this show, love this show. They remember every competition and word said by every houseguest in all of the 18 seasons. The nerdy knowledge will impress you.

The Competitions

They’re so foolish. You get to watch dopey house guests misspell simple words after crawling through a pit of honey to get the letters they need.

The Manipulation

It’s amazing how good these people are at playing mind games.

The Obnoxious House Guests

Because annoying people are funny.

The Comebacks