The Real of MVP of Last Night’s Game Was Christiano Ronaldo’s Moth

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Best Fallon Beer Pong Games, Ranked

Giant Beer Pong

Jimmy Fallon is known for having a great time on his shows. He’s always laughing and make his guests play outrageous games, including drinking games. He plays everything from flip cup and quarters to beer pong, and most recently, hockey pong–a combination of air hockey and beer pong. To rev you up for tonight’s parties, check out the definitive ranking of pong games on Fallon from worst to best. Continue reading

Q&A With Pong Caddie President: Andrew Mansfield

Last week, I talked to Andrew about the product and the Kickstarter campaign. Here is his story:

Why Beer Pong?

I grew up in the Boston area and went to college in Connecticut, and out in the woods, beer pong was a party staple. I always enjoyed playing. We had multiple beer pong tables that we built and bought, and always had tournaments going on. So one day the idea just popped in my head after years of arguing over elbow rules and chasing after dirty balls, it just finally clicked. Continue reading

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer Pong

The game was invented at Dartmouth College.

Rumor has it (although, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of rumors) that the game was discovered by college students at Dartmouth. Students used to gather in basements to compete in ping pong tournaments. One fateful day, someone accidentally hit a ball into a cup full of beer–thus creating beer pong. Before you start telling me I’m wrong, check out Crispus Knight’s memoir, Three for Ship: A Swan Song to Dartmouth Beer Pong.

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