10 Celebrities Who Would Make a Better President Than Donald Trump

It’s no secret the American obsession with celebrity culture is out of control. I would be willing to bet the average college student could list more Kardashians than US presidents, and give a play-by-play of the “Pretty Little Liars” finale, not even realizing there’s a GOP debate airing at the same time.

Many people hate Donald Trump because of his celebrity status, but who says a celebrity can’t change our country for the better? Continue reading


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting on Social Media

Am I naked?

Don’t post naked photos of yourself. Don’t even post half-naked photos of yourself. Those swimsuit photos showing off your new CrossFit abs may seem cool now, but they won’t seem as great in four years when one of your tenth grade students finds you on Facebook and forwards the photos to all of his friends.
I know what you’re thinking—it’s your own private account. But listen folks, if Celebgate taught us anything, it’s that nothing is private. Those tenth grade kids could probably hack into the Hillary Clinton’s e-mails if they set their mind to it. This kind of scandal is what turns your life into a Lifetime movie starring Rob Lowe.

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