12 Sitcoms that Will Make You Feel Better About Your Life

Sure, sitcoms are fun. They give you a good laugh and distract you from your dwindling bank account and stack of bills on the counter, but if you really pay attention, you’ll realize your life is already better.

The Office

This is how you feel walking into work everyday. You feel awkward and lost, but not like the characters on this show who spend more time miscommunicating and pranking each other than getting actual work done. They hit a million speed bumps and handle them with absolutely no grace. If it were you, you’d be fired.

New Girl

It’s a group of thirty-somethings who bounce from job-to-job and relationship-to-relationship holding on to nothing but each other. Having invasive roommates is hard enough, but having invasive roommates with no direction is even worse.


If you’re not an active duty military serviceman, your life isn’t in constant wartime danger—therefore, it’s better.

The Mindy Project

She just had a baby and she’s an OBGYN—the best birth control there is and she still got pregnant. That’s an extra expense and brings her work home with her.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

They’re the most dysfunctional group of people ever to grace your TV set. They make no money and continue to get into trouble. This might be the actual worse case scenario.

Happy Endings

Sure your friends are funny, but the amount of care and attention these people show each other is dismal. They have no morals or self-respect. Swipe left on this one.

Fuller House

If you spent your whole life plotting to get out of your house and your hometown, then this is your worst nightmare.


These are the most selfish characters on TV. Be thankful that you have better friends to pick you up when you fall, or at least buy you a beer when you get dumped.


Sure, they’re relatable, but they’re also the worst. They’re a combination of the worst qualities of women—and then some.

2 Broke Girls

It’s all in the name. They’re two sad, but witty girls trying to make the best of a crappy situation. You may be strapped for cash, but you’re not scrounging for change and sleeping on a pullout couch. And if you are, I’m sorry.

How I Met Your Mother

Outside of the shows most successful television relationship, there’s not much to aspire to. Ted is always whining, unable to make up his mind. In theory, Barney is great, but in reality, he’s sad and lonely. Robin is great though. She gets a great marriage, successful career, and friends that stand by her. She gets everything she’s ever wanted, and she should. She had to put up with Ted.


They may have better apartments than you, and are most likely funnier, but are their lives better? Phoebe is a masseuse with a musician for a husband while Joey has random “big breaks” that lead him to a failure of a spin-off. Ross is constantly torn down for being smart and loving his job. Chandler has a lot of family issues due to his rough childhood and Monica is constantly struggling with an eating disorder since she’s still a little fat girl inside. Rachel, who has grown the most throughout the show, is still seen as the ditzy one. They can’t escape themselves.

BONUS: Degrassi

Started from the bottom, now he’s here.


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